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Sponsored/Competitive Grants


One of the key components of the National Initiative is sponsored/competitive grants. An amount of 25.00 crores is earmarked through sponsored/competitive grant component for 2010-12, out of which 10% is earmarked for North East. Research proposals addressing critical gaps of national importance not covered in the main project, will be funded under this component inviting proposals from identified institutions or through an open invitation on competitive basis from institutions/individuals both within and outside National Agricultural Research System (NARS).

The priority areas are given below:  

  • Adaptation strategies including carbon sequestration for climate resilient agriculture in arid, hill and mountain, coastal and Island ecosystems
  • Germplasm collection and characterization from climate hot spots
  • Impact of climate change on pollinators
  • Nutrient management and physiological adaptations for enhanced tolerance to climate variability and change Methane mitigation strategies in livestock through metagenomic approach
  • Socio economic impact assessment of climate variability and Change
  • Fisheries and aquaculture related aspects with focus on climate variability
  • Management of extreme weather events including hailstorms etc

Fund Governance and Management

The projects are approved after review and recommendation by an Expert Committee constituted by the Director General, ICAR. CRIDA, Hyderabad is the secretariat for the Expert Committee.

Screening and Approval Process

A notification in leading newspapers is published by the Secretariat. Any scientist or institutions or group of institutions, civil society organizations registered in India and entitled to carry out scientific research are eligible to apply. The projects are proposed for a period of 3 years giving year-wise clear milestones and budget requirement. The project selection is done in two stages.

In the first phase, a 3-page concept note asked with objectives of the proposal, brief strategy and technical program, critical gaps being addressed, details of the organization and project investigators and estimated budget.

In the second phase, The Principal Investigators of the approved concept notes are invited to submit full proposals for consideration by the Expert Committee for recommendation to the Competent Authority for approval. The proposing scientist is invited to make a presentation of the full proposal.

The budget is provided under the heads of (i) recurring which covers contingencies including pay & allowances of contractual staff; POL, Labour, supplies and material, organization of workshops, meetings, publication, etc. (ii) Non-recurring which covers equipments/fabrication, furniture and fixtures, information technology, etc. (iii) TA and (iv) HRD.

Proforma for submission of concept note under Competitive Grants

Proforma for submission of full proposal under Competitive Grants

Proforma for submission of concept note under Sponsored Grants

Proforma for submission of full proposal under Sponsored Grants

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