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Technical Review Workshop of Strategic Research Partner Institutes (Integrated Modeling) under NICRA organized at IIT, Chennai on 3rd May, 2019


      Technical Review Workshop of Modeling Group institutes under strategic Research component of NICRA was held at Conference Hall-I, Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR), IIT, Chennai.


       The session was chaired by Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) and co-chaired by Dr B Venkateswarlu, NICRA Expert Committee member.


       Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), CRIDA welcomed the participants and emphasized the need to bring the tangible outputs from modelling group. The session started with the overview of modelling group presented by Dr S Naresh Kumar, Co-PI, IARI, New Delhi followed by presentations from IISS, Bhopal; IISWC, Dehradun and IIT, Chennai; CRIDA, Hyderabad; CPRI, Shimla; IIHR, Bengaluru, CIBA, Chennai; CMFRI, Kochi and IARI, New Delhi.

      The expert committee member opined that there should be frequent meetings with in the group and exchange of data sets. It was emphasized to acknowledge NICRA funding in all the publications. It is also suggested to bring out the outputs from modeling group in the form of technical bulletin. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair by Dr M Prabhakar, PI, NICRA.







Technical Review Workshop of Strategic Research Partner Institutes (Crop Sciences) under NICRA organized at NASC,      New Delhi on 29th April, 2019



            Technical Review Workshop of Crop Sciences Group institutes under strategic Research component of NICRA was held at conference hall, NASC Complex, ICAR. 


          The inaugural session was chaired by Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) and co-chaired by Dr HE Shashidhar, NICRA Expert Committee member. Dr NP Singh, Director, IIPR, Kanpur also participated in the review meeting.


           Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), CRIDA welcomed the participants and emphasized the need to bring the tangible outputs from crop improvement group followed by presentations from PIs from IIRR, Hyderabad; NRRI, Cuttack; IARI, New Delhi; IIPR, Kanpur; IIWBR, Karnal; NRCPB, New Delhi; CRIDA, Hyderabad; IIMR, Ludhiana; ICAR-NEH, Umiam; NIASM, Baramati and NCIPM, New Delhi. 


           Dr AK Singh, DDG (CS & HS) participated in the meeting and guided the proceedings. Several research fellows and young professionals working in the host institutes at New Delhi also have participated in the meeting.

           It is suggested to bring out the outputs from crop improvement projects in the form of technical bulletin and to publish the results in high impact journals. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair by Dr M Prabhakar, PI, NICRA







NICRA Zonal Monitoring Committee reviews KVKs at Bharatpur, Jhunjhunu and Kota on 4th February, 2019.


         The Zonal monitoring Committee (ZMC) consisting of Dr. M.C Varsheneya, Chairman ZMC former vice chancellor, Kamadhenu University, Dr. Shakir Ali, Principal Scientist, Indian institute of Soil & Water Conservation, Kota centre,  Dr. JVNS Prasad, Principal scientist, ICAR-CRIDA and Dr. P.P. Rohilla, Principal scientist and Nodal officer, ATARI-Jodhpur visited the KVK Bharatpur and the NICRA village Sitara and reviewed ongoing demonstrations in farmer’s fields and interacted with farmers on 4th February, 2019.

         The team visited the custom hiring centre in the village and enquired about the usage. The team also visited the KVK Jhunjhunu and visited the NICRA village Bharu. Demonstration of resilient practices such as short duration mustard variety, heat tolerant varieties of wheat, improved varieties of gram, water harvesting structures in villages, efficient use of harvested water for Rabi crop, improved fodder cultivars, improved shelters for livestock, custom hiring centre’s etc., are some of the interventions reviewed by the team. The team also visited KVK Kota and the NICRA village, Chamakot reviewed interventions such as bed and furrow system of planting in wheat, improved short duration cultivars of mustard, chickpea, wheat, improved breeds of livestock and poultry, custom hiring centre etc., and interacted with communities about the performance of resilient practices and the extent of their adoption. The committee made recommendations for further strengthening the program.





High Level Monitoring Committee meeting of National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture Project organized at NASC, New Delhi on 7th March, 2019


       Eleventh High level monitoring committee (HLMC) meeting of National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) was held at NASC, New Delhi on 7th March, 2019 to review the Action Taken Report on the recommendations of the 10th HLMC and to review the progress and achievements of the project from May, 2018 to February, 2019.

       Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) welcomed the participants. Dr JK Jena, DDG (Fisheries & AS), Senior Officers from ICAR, representatives from various Ministries viz., Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj and DST also participated in the meeting.

       Dr T Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & Director General (ICAR) chaired the meeting and emphasized to upscale climate resilient technologies across the country by converging with several ongoing schemes of different ministries. He further suggested to study the impact of NICRA project activities on different stakeholders throughout the country.

       Shri Bimbadhar Pradhan, Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor (DARE/ICAR) appreciated efforts made under NICRA towards enhancing the resilience of Indian agriculture to climatic variability and climate change and highlighted the importance of climate resilient agriculture towards doubling of farmers income. Shri Sushil Kumar, Additional Secretary (DARE) & Secretary (ICAR) suggested to align the technology outputs from NICRA to address the projected impact of 2oC rise in temperature and advised to share the project outcomes with relevant ministries and departments.

       Dr S Bhaskar ADG (AAF&CC) presented the ATR on the previous HLMC, Dr G Ravndra Chary, Director (Actg.), ICAR-CRIDA on the overview of NICRA followed by presentations from Dr M Prabhakar, PI-NICRA, Dr CA Rama Rao, Head, DSA and Dr JVNS Prasad, Co-PI, NICRA. Major recommendations of the meeting are to document the incentivisation of climate resilient technologies, forging linkages with different ministries and organize brainstorming workshop to deliberate on NICRA beyond 2020. Two publications viz., Climate Change Research Infrastructure and Climate Resilient Crop Varieties for Sustainable Food Production under Aberrant Weather Conditions were released.







DG, ICAR Inaugurates NICRA Research Facilities at ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru on 6 February, 2019.


         Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & Director General (ICAR) inaugurated the facilities established under NICRA project for conducting studies on impact of elevated temperature, carbon dioxide and water stress on horticultural crops at ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru. The three facilities inaugurated are viz., Free Air Temperature Enhancement (FATE), Carbon dioxide and Temperature Gradient Chambers (CTGC) and Automated Rainout Shelter (ROS).

        The FATE facility is provided with infrared heaters to enhance the temperature at crop canopy height in open field conditions. The facility could be used for evaluation of horticultural crops under elevated temperature and CO2 conditions. The Carbon dioxide and Temperature Gradient Chambers (CTGC) facility is intended for conducting studies on the impacts of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth, insect pests and diseases. The anticipated elevated CO2 and temperatures under climate change conditions are simulated in the facility. The automated rain out shelter facility is provided with light and rain sensors and cloudy conditions and few drops of rain would trigger the automated closure and protection of the experimental area. The studies on limited water stress could be conducted in the facility unhindered.

       The inaugural function was also graced by Dr. K. Alagusundaram, DDG (AE&NRM), Dr. S. Bhaskar, ADG (AAF&CC), Dr. M. R. Dinesh, Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru and Dr. G. Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad. NICRA Expert Committee members, Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, Former DDG (Hort Sci), Dr. B. Venkateswarlu, Former VC, VNMKV, Parbhani; Dr. Y.S Ramakrishna, Former Director, CRIDA, Hyderabad, Dr. C.L. Acharya, Former Director, IISS, Bhopal, Dr. SK Pandey, Former Director, CPRI, Shimla, Dr. AG Ponniah, Former Director, CIBA, Chennai, Dr. R. C. Upadhyay, Principal Scientist (Retd.), NDRI, Karnal, Dr. M. Prabhakar, PI, NICRA, CRIDA, Hyderabad along with Directors and Centre Heads of local ICAR institutes in Bengaluru were also participated in the event.  




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