Technical Review Workshop of Strategic Research Partner Institutes (Crop Sciences) under NICRA organized at NASC, New Delhi on 29th April, 2019



Technical Review Workshop of Crop Sciences Group institutes under strategic Research component of NICRA was held at conference hall, NASC Complex, ICAR.


The inaugural session was chaired by Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) and co-chaired by Dr HE Shashidhar, NICRA Expert Committee member. Dr NP Singh, Director, IIPR, Kanpur also participated in the review meeting.


Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) deliberated on the importance of climate resilient varieties and suggested to expedite the process of varietal release proposals under NICRA. Dr AK Singh, DDG (CS & HS) in his remarks suggested to discuss on the issue of availability of resilient varieties at village level to farmers. Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), CRIDA welcomed the participants and emphasized the need to bring the tangible outputs from crop improvement group followed by presentations from PIs from IIRR, Hyderabad; NRRI, Cuttack; IARI, New Delhi; IIPR, Kanpur; IIWBR, Karnal; NRCPB, New Delhi; CRIDA, Hyderabad; IIMR, Ludhiana; ICAR-NEH, Umiam; NIASM, Baramati and NCIPM, New Delhi. 


Several research fellows and young professionals working in the host institutes at New Delhi also have participated in the meeting.


It is suggested to bring out the outputs from crop improvement projects in the form of technical bulletin and to publish the results in high impact journals. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair by Dr M Prabhakar, PI, NICRA.